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Product Styled Shoot for "Elsie" Collection

*Our collections have since been updated since this blog post from 2019*

Wondering where the inspiration for RPC’s wedding arrangements come from? The obvious response is Pinterest... But, diving a little deeper past the wonderful search engine that is Pinterest, the collections are designed around a theme or category. The 3 main themes for RPC are classic floral, mod floral, and wild floral. While all of the wedding bouquets are similar in that they are loose, hand-tied style bouquets, each category seeks to reach a different bride’s vision for her flowers.

Elsie Collection Shoot Rogue Petal Co

Classic aims at the more traditional vision with lots of greenery and a primary color palette. The classic floral collections are conventional, but elegant and timeless. Mod floral allows us to step beyond the conventional design and play with more modern, unique palettes and stem combinations. Wild floral encompasses arrangements that I’d call wildly beautiful and bohemian AF (sorry my millennial is showing). Most of the wild collections look hand-picked from a field; a field that I hope actually exists in for-real life because wouldn’t that be a dream (!).

Each collection is given a female name that fits the design. So far, with each of the collections I’ve had to mull over the name which seems very extensive. It has to be just right!

However, it was a different story when I designed the “Elsie”. It was almost immediate when I saw it come together. My grandmother’s name is Elsie (hey I’m not picking favorites here, but I know you’re picking up on that vibe I’m putting down). She is a glorious example of a human; in the regular world absolutely, but in the creative world, are you kidding me? You should see this woman’s house—it looks like a full-page spread, straight out of Better Homes and Gardens or Victoria Magazine. If it sounds like I’m telling tall tales, please see evidence below.


So needless to say, I look up to my grandma Elsie. Not only are her interior decorating skills on POINT, but she has many other creative outlets—her current obsession being embroidery and needle point design. She is absolutely smitten with the Royal Sewing Academy in the UK.

I digress. . .

The Elsie bouquet just screamed my grandma with the vintage tones—mauve colored cabbage roses and the pops of white from the cotton. The greenery gives the design a classic look, but we mod-it-up (technical term) with the cotton stems and speckled green allium.

For this shoot I grabbed some friends, including the wundeba hair stylist Blake Cornelius from Emidio Vincenzo to highlight the mod floral collection. Blake let me dress her up and take her picture, too! It was an absolute dream. Not to mention, the multiple hours we had to get dolled up and listen to throw back jams. I’m not sure which part I enjoyed more. . . the getting ready with my ladies along with strawberry & rhubarb sodas (shout out Trader Joes) and tequila (shout out my girl Amanda), OR getting everyone together to model these pretties. Okay, I was definitely smitten with the revelation that is strawberry & rhubarb in soda form, but clearly it was the shoot. They made my life easy with their beautiful faces.



If you’re digging the Elsie collection as much as us, feel free to share on any or all social media outlets. Lord knows Grandma Elsie would if she were as active on the interwebs. She has an eye for design, as I mentioned before. She also has a Pinterest. Like I said, glorious human. And even better grandparent.

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