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STYLED SHOOTS: The Benefits of Collaborating with Vendors

By Alyssa Grogan of The Rogue Petal Co.

We're featuring our first led styled shoot in this post--"You, Me, & The Universe " concept and design by The Rogue Petal Co.
Scroll to the end for all of the amazing vendors who made this happen.

Styled Shoots. Let me repeat, s-t-y-l-e-d shoots.   We are fans over here to say the least.   There is no better way to both bring your own creative vision to life and have the opportunity to network with like-minded creatives.  These collabs are one of the many advantages that the wedding industry offers compared to other industry markets.

What other market can you bring your service or product to the table, then in return get professional photos to use for social and marketing content?  Whether you’re a seasoned styled shoot-er, or you’re just starting out, we’re talking about all the perks!

Note: Every styled shoot opportunity is specific to the designated coordinator/organizing team. Therefore, some points we hit may not exactly apply to every shoot.  Such as those who are designated responsible for specific shoot expenses, if you’re only responsible for covering your own costs, etc.  This is why transparency and communication is super important amongst all the vendors, from the very beginning!

1.  Networking

It’s amazing to watch how quickly your network of connections can expand from just ONE collaboration.  A single styled shoot could have an upwards of ten different vendors or more involved.  If you make a connection, impress let’s say just two of those people, that’s two vendors who will reach out with any new opportunities.  Then that’s four new vendor friends, then eight, sixteen… after a few months, vendors are coming out of the woodworks and you might have to turn them down!

In my opinion, networking is a pain in the tush… who reallyy wants to wear the “hello my name is:” name tags, have 3 cups of coffee (or cocktails... *winkface) and hope to make a meaningful connection with someone beyond... “What are your current goals for your business?”  I love a good party, but I avoid these sort of events like the plague when I don’t know anyone.  With styled shoots, you’re off the hook!   Think more along the lines of... effortlessly jumping in with other creative minds, who are excited and ready to chat about their inspiration and what your product or service will be adding to the shoot.  You never know, some of these people might become your go-to pals in the industry!

2.  Build Your Portfolio

These collaborations are a sure, quick way to add beautiful, picked content to your business portfolio.   With all of the many hours of energy that you put into your business, you can simplify your primary goal for success...  Nab your ideal client.  A gallery full of professional images showcasing your craft will demonstrate your ability and versatility.  You want to seek shoots that are are in line with your brand or brand goals; this way you can proudly share them.

Your portfolio will serve as a resume for clients, but all of the images you obtain from styled shoots can be used on your website for design, blogging (ahem...) and all the social platforms.  Imagine stacking up your content faster than you can post it... Styled shoots can help you achieve this!

3.  More Creative Freedom

If you're not leading the collaboration, you definitely won't have complete, free range to do whatever you want (this is where planning your own is even better!! SEE all photos on this post)...  you'll want to communicate with the lead on everything you're putting together to make sure it's cohesive. 

But, with excellent communication right from the get-go, you can determine whether or not the theme and vision of the shoot are what you've been wanting to see in your portfolio.  It could be something as simple as a fresh design to get the creative juices flowing!  If you're a florist like me, you might want to experiment with a new floral style, as a calligrapher, test a new medium or ink, or a photographer, test new lenses... you get the gist!

4.  Experience

More than likely, you got into the wedding business to make your clients' wedding dreams come true! This is one of the means to both hone in on your craft and get in there and make mistakes.  This will inevitably make their experience even more phenomenal and add to your confidence in the industry.

When I mentioned making mistakes... Oh that is goingg to happen...  It's going to be annoying, too!  But, the best part about those (and yeah it's cliche AF), you're going to learn from them and know to dodge them after!  Not only will you gain knowledge from the exposure to everything the shoot involves, but the connections that you make along the way will, too!

Vendor Credits: 
Photography: Brittany Dunbar Photography
Florist + Creative Concept: The Rogue Petal Co
Shoot Director: Shoptini
Videography: Storia Studio⁣
Venue: Winslow Room Baltimore⁣
Makeup: Autumn Estelle Artistry
Hair: Lucja Bridal 
String Art: Stephanie Strings
Calligraphy: Dear Darling Weddings
Photo-Booth Installation: The Darling Myth⁣
Event Rentals + Styling: Emerald Event Design
Wedding Dress: Cherie Amour Bridal Resale
Jewelry: Rachel Mulherin Jewlery
Ceramic Plates: Red Palm Ceramic Co
Star Gazed Couples: Kristi Stevens Spencer Stevens Lora Salvatore Derrick
Bridesmaids: Sarah Gray Creative Motion Events Autumn Estelle Savannah

Stay tuned for our follow-ups on all things styled shoots; including how to find vendors to work with and make sure they’re a good fit, styled-shoot etiquette, and how to make the most out of the collaboration. 

 If you have any comments or suggestions on future posts, be sure to comment below!

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