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How to Floral Painted Pumpkins DIY

It's a Thursday D.I.Y. and our very FIRST official Rogue Petal Co. how-to on the internets!  Insert *happy dance* here.

Watch our video to see how easy (and very craft-therapeutic, if I do say so..) it was to completely transform these paper mache pumpkins into the prettiest fall centerpieces.  And painted two ways: striped and speckled.

How to Floral Painted Pumpkins DIY

There are a lot of ways you can make these fit into your fall decor this year--you don't have to stop at black and white!  You can do a different color scheme; use colorful flowers, monochrome pumpkins and flowers, go for more than just the two contrasting colors, on and on... You can share your version on IG with the tag #RoguePetalDIY !  Yes, we're making that a thing.  Can't wait to see what you come up with!

Ok, let's get to the meat and potatoes here...  

Materials Needed:

  • 2 paper mache pumpkins or similar craft/plastic pumpkins from your local home decor or craft store
  • Acrylic craft paint (we used two colors, black and white and then mixed the two for a light grey shade)
  • Paint brushes
  • Painters/craft tape (ours was 1/8 inch, but you can use width of choice)
  • Scissors or wire cutters (for trimming or cutting faux flowers)
  • Hot glue gun + glue
  • Finger condoms/caps (necessary TRUST...)
  • Clear sealer (optional)
  • Faux flowers of choice - each pumpkin had 2-3 large blooms, 3-4 smaller flowers/filler flowers, and 4-6 sprigs or branches of greenery

You can watch the video here:


How to Floral Painted Pumpkins DIY Rogue Petal Co

Tell us what you think in the comments below!

Happy crafting, friends :))


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