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How To Fall Wreath - Metal Hoops

We're back with another wreath HOW TO. In this video we show you how to make a double hoop wreath using two mismatched metal rings (size 18 and 12 inches but you can use any size).

Our florals included blooms and foliage in dark burgundy, red, pink, and orange tones. The floral stems used were all faux stems, less the dried lotus pods. As always follow along with the video for the step by step, but leave a comment if you have questions :)

Happy crafting!! --Alyssa G. XOXO, via The Rogue Petal Co.

Find the step-by-step YouTube video and required materials below!



  • 2 mismatched, metal rings/hoops (I used 18 and 12 inch sizes). You can also follow this tutorial with just one hoop--wrapping and gluing the ribbon around the one hoop.
  • Assorted faux floral stems
  • Wire cutters - These compound action cutters are my favorite from Michael's.
  • 26 gauge wire on *paddle (paddle is important). You can find these at most craft stores and online - Example here!
  • Hot glue, extra glue sticks, and finger condoms* (also called finger caps) The stretchier the better! - Link here.
  • 2-3 ft of scrap ribbon or fabric strips (I like 1-2inch inch thickness best)
  • Optional: felt for back of wreath - Sheets like these here.

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