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Playlist Series - The Wind Down

What better way to welcome Fall than an ultimate wind-down?  This collection of songs is 3 1/2+ hours of nothing but exquisite de-stressing.  Our playlist is a mix of relaxed + slowed indie, alternative, and purely instrumental tunes.

Playlist Series - Getting Wedding Readyy

SOLID mix of extra upbeat, pop hits for your [Hooray!] getting wedding ready pleasures!  From those TikTok jams you can't get out of your head to a range of summer remixes in pop, hip-hop, and pop rock.  No mimosa in-hand at the moment?  Just running boring old errands?  I'm not, NOT saying it's guaranteed to still get you hyped for the day... but, I am saying it can't hurt to give her a try and see what...

Playlist Series - Take Your Mind Off the Election

I know, the playlist title is super subtle, right?  If you're in need of ALL of the ways to destress (like me), and not obsessively check the election results (hi, also me)... We've got a step 1 to help you on your chill out journey--good tunes!

Playlist Series - Ladies Pop List

I've gathered some of my favorite female pop songs for this 3-hour long playlist!  This is my current go-to when I'm crafting florals.

Playlist Series - Summer Productivity

It's SUMMER, baby!  Even if it feels like the 2020 twilight zone edition...We're sharing some favorite tunes to up the mood and spread some happy.

Playlist Series - Easy Spring

A mix of slowed-down indie, alternative, and a little pop music to ease the soul and relax your mind for the start of spring :) Take a BIG fat breath in and zen out to some tunes. You can listen below or find the playlist on The Rogue Petal Co. Spotify page...