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Playlist Series - Getting Wedding Readyy

SOLID mix of extra upbeat, pop hits for your [Hooray!] getting wedding ready pleasures!  From those TikTok jams you can't get out of your head to a range of summer remixes in pop, hip-hop, and pop rock

No mimosa in-hand at the moment?  Just running boring old errands?  I'm not, NOT saying it's guaranteed to still get you hyped for the day... but, I am saying it can't hurt to give her a try and see what happens [insert cute shrug emoji here]. 

You can listen to the Spotify playlist on the widget below or find all of our tune collections on our Rogue Petal Co. Spotify here.


In need of some fresh music, but this mix isn't really your cup of tea? Tell us in the comments what you'd like to hear next up!  

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