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Playlist Series - Ladies Pop List

I've gathered some of my favorite female pop songs for this 3-hour long playlist!  This is my current go-to when I'm crafting florals, but also works well for a day running errands.  A mix of tunes that are empowering, maybe a lot of bad-assery, some rightfully emotional, and also just happy tunes.  

It's ALL ladies POP and not for the faint of heart--meaning, some songs are explicit* so maybe don't play this one on a day out with your grandma ?  Unless your grandma doesn't mind the occasional F-bomb and sexy-time lyric that is, then you're good Also if this is the case, want to meet your grandma.

As they say, WHO RUN THE WORLD?--*raises hand*.  You can listen to the "RPC Ladies Pop" playlist below or search the playlist on Spotify.  


In need of some fresh music, but this mix isn't really your cup of tea? Tell us in the comments what you'd like to hear next up!


Photography by Helen Marie Photography.
Venue Haven St Ballroom in Baltimore, MD.
Killer cake by Killa Cakes.

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