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Playlist Series - Take Your Mind Off the Election

I know, the playlist title is super subtle, right?  Man 2020, you have not been kind!  If you're in need of ALL of the ways to destress (like me), and not obsessively check the election results (hi, also me)... We've got a step 1 to help you on your chill out journey--good tunes!

This collection of songs is a mix of slow pop, folky, and indie; the perfect  background music for [insert chilliest, relaxing thing of choice here].  Options include: taking a niiiice long soak in the tub, working on that random craft you've been dying to try, headphones in for a fall stroll.. Or if you can't slow down, use it for background while you plug away that to-do list.  Grab a big cup of tea (or something stronger) and let's relax some together :))

Deep breaths, lovelies. Inhale, Exhale.  

You can listen to the playlist below or check out all of our collective tunes on Spotify here.


In need of some fresh music, but this mix isn't really your cup of tea? Tell us in the comments what you'd like to hear next up!  All images from this post are from


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