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About The Rogue Petal Co.

Hi Friend!  I'm Alyssa Grogan, the maker and founder of this biz.  The Rogue Petal Co. was inspired by the faux flowers created for my own wedding day.

Planning our wedding proved to be incredibly exciting, but also super overwhelming. . . Yep, I’m talking about the cost. We started with one budget, then after a little more research, had another, bigger budget and then another EVEN bigger—you get the point… It felt insane.  I want to know when that ah-ha moment was in history... when someone decided, "yeahh... *looks at spreadsheet that's labeled wedding*... make sure you quadrouple the cost, because... it says w-e-d-d-i-n-g". 
Even though it poked holes in the wedding planning fun, we were still getting married (yay!).  So we had to figure it out, make it work, make it cute... that last part was about 99.4% me and 0.6% my husband-to-be.


...I knew I wanted wedding flowers like those I had pinned on my Wedding Pinterest board.  I’ve been a crafter and artist for most of my existence. So when I discovered the wonderful world that is faux flowers at my local and craft stores, I was in DIY flower heaven.
I had always imagined silk flowers to be plastic looking, overly-saturated with unnatural color pigments, and to just look blatantly fake. However, now thanks to improvements in faux floral design (whomever you lovely gods and goddesses are, I appreciate you) I was able to track down stems and greenery that look incredibly real.
I put together a (very within our budget) wedding floral collection that was all artificial flowers. I checked the “wedding flower” box off my to-do list and tucked the finished arrangements in storage a few months before the wedding. The day-of we brought them to the venue without the fuss, mess, or surprise of real flowers, fluffed those bad boys up and the best part, no one realized they were fake!
Our wedding was featured on Baltimore Weddings for December 2019 Local Love--you can find the feature here!
Immediately after, I created The Rogue Petal Co. to extend my services to guys and gals alike who want to fulfill their floral Pinterest desires without breaking the bank. RPC began with designing wedding florals, but the pretties don't stop there.  You'll find one-of-a-kind keepsake prints, 3D floral art, and more in the online storeYou can find updates, behind the scenes on our process, and everything we're making on our instagram by clicking here.