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Custom Wedding and Local Installations

Yippee!  We are officially back open for custom wedding orders for a limited time.  Read more below to know if a custom order is right for you.  Then get in touch and let's get the pretty flower conversation started! 

Local installations still open.  We are also available to design custom keepsake prints and canvases to display in your home after the event day--you can find out more about those pieces here

Please note: during custom order openings, RPC does not offer local installations for one-day events, such as weddings.  As standard practice for our business, we do not attend the event day to set up any decor, but provide completed arrangements in advance to be styled independently.  This can really cut down on your wedding flower budget if it works out with your timeline!  We want any ceremony pieces to be easily taken down in one piece so they can be repurposed or reused.  This is far better for the environment!  If you are interested in a long-term, artificial flower installation for a storefront or business, please scroll below to local installations.



About Custom Wedding Designs:

  • Custom florals are either a combination of sourced faux and dried floral materials or completely faux.  We use our expertise in floral design to create one-of-a-kind, from scratch designs based on the inspiration for your wedding.
  • The term "from scratch" means that we will work with you to create florals based on your preference and inspiration from the ground up.  If you like any of our pre-designed collections available on the website, but would like to request changes to flower colors or types, this can absolutely be done and is not considered "custom work".  Our collections are created after purchase, therefore these adjustments can be made by request!  We just ask that you reach out prior to ordering online so we can make sure these changes can be accommodated efficiently.
  • Custom designs are not limited to only Baltimore local wedding couples.  We package up our faux pretties just the same as our listed collections and make sure they are ready for you prior to your event day (as early as you'd like!).


If you are interested in getting a quote for custom wedding flowers, or have any additional questions, please head over to our home page and fill out the contact form.  You can also email us directly at






About Local Installations:

  • If you're interested in a quote for a custom indoor or outdoor installation, please contact us via the form on the home page or directly email us at!
  • Prices vary based on scale of installation, materials required, and length of planning needed to execute. 
  • In order to help the install last as long as possible, we recommend all faux for outdoor and either a combination of dried and faux or all faux for indoor; depending on budget.  Artificial flowers hold up far better to the outside elements than dried!  A mix of dried and artificial are more realistic up close, but dried floral materials carry a greater price tag.
  • We have the capability to create a wide variety of designs that will last anywhere from 3 months to years and years!  Reach out and send us your inspiration photos to get started :))